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Would you like to report an adverse drug reaction associated with a COVID-19 vaccine?

Please fill in the reporting form and send it off. You will receive a processing number at the end. This is not to be used for personal contact, because individual counseling should always be provided by vaccinating physicians. The Paul-Ehrlich-Institut needs your report to monitor vaccine safety in order to be able to detect previously unknown risks after vaccination.

To the reporting form for COVID-19 vaccines (German)

You would like to report a general adverse drug reaction?

For all other reports of side effects please use the general reporting form.

Reporting for other persons is possible if you care for them, e.g. on behalf of your child or a relative. The national competent authorities for medicines and vaccines will directly receive the reports.

For diagnosis and therapy of the symptoms or complaints, please contact a physician immediately.

To the general reporting form (German)